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Enhancing Immune Systems


Improving Health


Creating Jobs

Why Haiti?

What is V'ice Doing?

Enhancing Immune Systems:  Food insecurity causes vitamin deficiency which weakens immune systems. Weakened immune systems lessen resistance to disease, including COVID-19.  V’ice provides vitamin supplementation to bolster immune systems.  


Creating Jobs:  Haiti has a whopping unemployment rate of over 70%. V’ice provides jobs, allowing Haitians to double their incomes from $1-3 a day to $2-6 a day. 

Scaling Quickly: Your support will enable V'ice to scale throughout urban areas of Port au Prince, giving thousands access to affordable vitamin supplementation.

Becoming Sustainable:  Our business model will be sustainable when we scale to reach hundreds of thousands of Haitians.

Reaching Other Nations: Once scaled in Haiti, V'ice will scale to other developing nations.

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Dr. Ronald LaRoche explains the real impact V'ice has on public health

Dr. Ronald LaRoche is the Founder and CEO of Dash Haiti, the largest health care provider in Haiti. 

Dash has been in business for 30 years and consists of 20 medical centers, 7 hospitals and 300 employees insuring over 40,000 Haitians. He explains the real impact V'ice has on public health.

V'ice takes first place!

New Hampshire's Social Venture Innovation Challenge:

As an intern, Haley Burns presented V'ice at the New Hampshire's Social Innovation challenge and scored first place among the state's top competitors and social innovators. 

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