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Marc Blumenthal

Chief Executive Officer

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Marc Blumenthal founded V'ice Haiti and is the Executive Director of Social Ventures Foundation (SVF), 
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of SVF is to identify, promote, and develop sustainable and socially-minded businesses that are focused on developing products and services that lift the livelihoods of the world's poorest communities.

Marc has been involved in a variety of startups in the fields of Education, Medical Devices, Plasma Fusion, and Aerospace.  He founded SVF in 2017 and has been involved in the enterprise on a full-time basis.

Our Haiti Team

Emmanuel  Juste

General Manager

Emmanuel Juste is the Manager for V’ice Haiti’s core Hub. Emmanuel previously worked for Dlo Haiti, a business partner for V’ice. He is Haitian and has a background in education, architecture and business. He is fluent in Creole, French and English.


Roy Geralda

Home Micro-Franchise Manager

Roy is the V'ice Home Micro-Franchise Manager. She is in charge of identifying strategically located homes and identifying candidates as micro-franchisees who will sell V'ice from their homes in poor Haitian neighborhoods.


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Rose Naomie Guerrier


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Rodney Jacques


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Fabienne Romilus


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Avril Alcé Venise



Fernell Celestin


Wilson Tynner


Ernso Charles


Seraphin Wesley


US Team

Pati Kuziomko

Product Development

Pati developed the V’ice vitaminized snow cone and our V’bar protein bar.  She manages food product innovation, quality control and works with the Foundation’s international food partner, Griffith, on the further development and refinement of the formulation and other related products.


Kristy Noel

Business Manager

Kristy brings a wide variety of business management expertise to the Foundation. She develops and manages the business modeling for V’ice in addition to providing financial management for V’ice Haiti.

Haley Burns

University Relations Manager

Haley is the Community Relations Manager facilitating community partnerships and investments in connection with V'ice and the Social Ventures Foundation, fostering a global conversation on poverty reduction. 

Jackie Stamp

Social Media Manager

Jackie is a seasoned social media manager with years of experience engaging and connecting with the public through the use of online platforms. Jackie manages and monitors the social media pages for V'Ice Haiti and its partner companies.

Partners and Advisors


Pierre Louis

General Manager

La Plaza Hotel

Nathalie Pierre Louis- Laroche

Executive Director



Jim Chu


Dlo Haiti


Rilwan Meehran

Vice President

Finstar Global Partners

Christian Rath

General Manager

Griffth Foods

Matt West


Griffith Foods

Dr. Jean

Ronald Cornely


Jackie Abramian


Global Cadence

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