THE          PROJECT 

 V'ice provides an innovative solution to two of Haiti's most overwhelming obstacles:

1. Massive unemployment, affecting 70% of the population

 2. Nation-wide health crisis, causing vitamin and protein deficiency

 In Just One Year...

We have perfected the V'ice vitamin formulation, designed and built V'ike prototypes, and opened our first hub in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital and poorest city. Our dream is that within 5 years, V'ice will provide sustainable vitamin supplementation to over 5 million children and adults annually.


Your donation will give a young, at-risk male the opportunity to be self-employed as a micro-franchisee. The innovative V'ike offers transport and wider distribution of our clean water shaved ice, toppings, and V'bars to schools and home franchisees for resale.



Your donation will give an in need  Haitian male with or without a High School Degree the opportunity to be self employed as a micro-franchisee by giving them a  V'ike and V'iceBox to transport  and sell V'ice and V'bars at Haitian markets and workplaces. They will also use their V'ikes to transport our clean water shaved ice, toppings and V'bars to our schools and home distributors.



Your donation will create unique self-employment opportunities for young women to sell V'ice and V'bars. We will provide them with our Haitian-made V'ice Boxes to sell V'ice and V'bars during school hours to students, parents, and teachers. 



Your donation will give an unemployed mother the opportunity to make money from home while taking care of her children. You donate, and we provide them with Haitian-made V’ice Boxes to sell V'ice and V'bars to all age groups within their neighborhoods.        

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