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But Why Snow Cones? The Story of V’ice Fresco Vitamine

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Marc and I have traveled extensively in 3rd world countries, witnessing rampant malnutrition. Haiti, in particular, captured our hearts, prompting the start of V’ice. One of the most pressing health challenges that Haiti faces is malnutrition, specifically vitamin and protein deficiency. 80% of the Haitian population is vitamin deficient, 1 in 5 children are not attaining the standard height/weight for physical and mental development, and 50% of girls and women of reproductive age are anemic.

So why are we making snow cones? Well, when Marc and I were brainstorming how to get more vitamins and minerals into the Haitian population’s daily diet, we looked at what was already popular on the streets. Fresco, the name of shaved ice products in Haiti, is similar to a snow cone in the US. Made from sugar water and sold on the streets out of home-made wooden carts, they are made with unclean ice and in unsanitary conditions. Snow cones are colored and flavored sugar syrups poured over shaved ice. It is a cool, refreshing treat for hot days and in hot climates. I thought of all the kids we were trying to help and, as a mother myself, I thought, “Why can’t this product contain something beneficial – vitamins and minerals that would sustain health?”. And that’s how V’ice Fresco Vitamine was born.

The traditional fresco seller with his cart.

The V'ike on the streets of Port-Au-Prince
The V'ike recumbent bike with refrigerated V'ice Box.

Our proprietary syrup comes in 8 flavors and is a formulation that contains at least 30% of the recommended daily allowance for 8 essential vitamins and minerals in each serving, and almost 60% of the RDA for Vitamin C. The water we use to make our ice blocks is also filtered, which can be hard to find in Haiti. As the ice block melts in the heat of the day, it provides a source of clean drinking water as well.

Full Nutritional Profile

(1.5 ounce service of V'ice syrup poured over a 6 oz. cone of shave ice.)

Vitamin A 30%

Vitamin K 31%

Vitamin C 58%

Vitamin B1 33%

Vitamin B2 29%

Vitamin B3 30%

Vitamin B6 30%

Vitamin B12 23

Biotin 4%

Pantothenic Acid 30%

Vitamin D 50%

Calcium Carbonate 10%

Zinc 18%

Iron 30%

Folate 50%

Iodine 60%

We need generous donors like you! If you would like to donate or invest in the future of V'ice Haiti, go to

For more information on the V’ice Haiti micro-franchise social venture, go to

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