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Where Your Donation to V'ice Goes!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020


V’ice has taken a famous Haitian treat, Fresco, and redesigned it into a vitamin-filled shaved ice dessert to help with one of the country’s most pressing issues: vitamin deficiency. Haiti largely suffers from food insecurity, which has led to a vitamin deficiency issue for most of the population. Vitamin deficiency causes anemia, weakened immune systems, stunted growth in children, reproductive issues, poor concentration, and a myriad of other health issues. Our solution, V’ice, provides the exact vitamin mixture needed—as identified by the Haitian Health Ministry— in a delicious treat at schools, street corners, and neighborhoods.

Not only does V’ice curtail the problem of malnutrition, but it also stimulates the Haitian economy in a big way by creating markets at the Bottom of the Pyramid (the world's poorest). Because V’ice is a micro-franchise, each V’ice hub creates self-employment opportunities and sustainable markets for the micro-franchisees. Those at the Bottom of the Pyramid make less than two dollars a day, but the average V’ice micro-franchisee makes 4 dollars a day as a full-time seller. Subsequently, the micro-franchisee’s are able to spend their money and to create money flow in their local economy. We teach each micro-franchisee to “treat every customer as a king”; we want every customer to have a positive experience when they buy a yummy, healthy treat for themselves. Simply put, V'ice’s mission is to improve each Haitian's self-worth and create happy, enjoyable experiences for them.

“If work were good for you, the rich would leave none for the poor” -Haitian Proverb


The V'ice facility that your donation will support is designed by Haitians and is a sustainable and eco-friendly facility. It uses a restaurant-sized walk-in refrigerator and headquarters to prepare pre-shaved ice that will be delivered to the micro-franchisee’s around the country. This one will be in Port-Au-Prince, but this is just the beginning! With your help, we plan on continuing to expand V’ice. From the beginning in December 2018, when the first V’ice location was built in Port-Au-Prince, we have been able to provide meals and employment to so many people in need.

Your donation will go towards building a facility to produce shaved ice and vitamin-filled topping so that Haitian can live better, healthier, and profitable lives.

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