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V'ice Haiti Press Coverage:

Creating Jobs While Fighting Poverty: An Innovative Social Micro-Franchise Model Gains Traction in Haiti By Marc Blumenthal – Nov 7, 2019


It often seems that international aid organizations have lost touch with on-the-ground realities affecting the very population they aim to serve. Most of these organizations provide technical assistance and aid, but all too many are risk-adverse and sidestep investing in sustainable and scalable enterprises which focus on the bottom of the pyramid (BoP), a population that barely makes $1 to $3 a day. These businesses could provide stable jobs to communities where 90% of the jobs held are self-employment, not traditional employment. But since most international aid workers have never been self-employed, they may not fully appreciate the value of a steady paycheck – or the role of small businesses as job creators in low-income communities.

This disheartening disconnect has stagnated poverty reduction campaigns, leaving some of the world’s most vulnerable populations in continued desolation. All too often, as both government and NGO aid funds dry up, they fail to leave sustainable programs behind.

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