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V'ice Haiti Press Coverage: YourMarkOnTheWorld

"Impact Investor Focuses On Improving Lives In Haiti September 30, 2019 - Your Mark on the World https://yourmarkontheworld.com/impact-investor-focuses-on-improving-lives-in-haiti/


Marc Blumenthal joins me to talk about Social Ventures Foundation’s work in launching V’ice in Haiti. V’ice is basically a snow cone with added nutrition. These sorts of products are popular in Haiti and V’ice is both superior and price competitive. It is intended to be sold by microfranchisees so the profits mostly stay in the community.

For the full article and video interview go to: https://yourmarkontheworld.com/impact-investor-focuses-on-improving-lives-in-haiti/

We need generous donors like you! If you would like to donate or invest in the future of V'ice Haiti, go to https://www.vicehaiti.com/donate

For more information on the V’ice Haiti micro-franchise social venture, go to https://www.vicehaiti.com/the-v-ice-project

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